7 Amazing Tools That Will Provide Awesome Domain Names by Any Example

Domain Names

Having your first domain name registration experience, huh? Let us guess – you ‘lost’ countless hours on finding the perfect domain name and it’s just not adding up.

We know the hassle. A great domain name is the base of your brand and it must be short and easy to remember so customers and visitors can always reach you when your service gets back on their mind.

No worries, we got you covered! There are so many tools that will help you generate an amazing domain name and we just found the best of the best, which will provide you creative and available domain names that you’ve probably never thought of.


NameMesh is the simplest and best domain generator there is on the market – and it’s free! It’s a combination of 20 targeted generators and all you need to do is provide you key word or adjective, where you want to position it or just let the domain name generator find out a great name for you.


This domain name generator will let you look through domains (available and taken), even in different languages. The key advantage is that the generator is using high quality picks for domain names lead by your example keyword.


NameStation has a similar generator like Wordoid, however, the advantage here is that they have a whole community that can do the research for you and suggest some crazy ideas of available domain names by your example keyword. The contests can be paid or free.


The Bust a Name – domain name generator (or domain maker) is simple, but they offer a great in depth suggestions on various domain extensions that may be available if .com isn’t.


Domainr is a great, really great, tool and domain name suggestion option. They offer you with amazing results and specialize in suggesting short domain names trough combining your keyword and various international extensions – where the suggested domain names are available.


Domize is useful as a domain name availability checker as they offer ‘live’ results as you are typing. So if you have some ideas for domain name, Domize will show you whether is available or not – and if not, they will suggest other extension options. You can register your domain name instantly from their offer.

Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search, is simply amazing. All you need is just one keyword and they suggest you hundreds of variations that are related to your keyword. They all sound nice.

Well, now that you know the best domain name generators that can suggest a domain name led by your example keyword – which one would you use? Did you find your perfect domain name yet?